Services Offered by Iwachu

Cooperative Consultancy Services

You and your friends, are you planning to form a cooperative society(SACCOS and other types of cooperative societies) so that you can save and access loans and get financial support from different financial institutions and agencies in form of loan or grant. At Iwachu we have staffs who will lead you from initial stages up to growth of the cooperative society.

Micro-finance Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services in micro-finance. Are you running a small business and you don’t know where and how you can get capital. We welcome you, we are here to help.

Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Are you there thinking of starting a new business or making your existing business to do good in this world of comptetion. At Iwachu company limited we are capable of making your business grow and meet competiton through our experienced staff who are equiped well in entrepreneurship skills.

Systems Development

We develop web, mobile and desktop based system for general purposes and custom systems for specific company/business entities. We have experienced staffs with great passion in systems designing and development who can change your paper based working procedures into computer system. Just come with your idea, we will change it into system.

Website Designing

Do you have business and you want it to be advertised to the global. We are here to design your business’ website at low cost you can afford.